BWell365 is a space for holistic and intersectional wellness, where we support each individual's unique wellness journey.

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    Our mission is to reclaim control of one's own personal wellness, BWell365 provides resources and creates spaces for deep exploration and autonomy and most importantly, drives consistency in action.

    Our mission is to reclaim control of one's own personal wellness, BWell365 provides resources and creates spaces for deep exploration and autonomy and most importantly, drives consistency in action.

    Welcome to BWell365

    Our approach is unique and tailored to your life. BWell365 was built out of Rikimah’s values-led approach to wellness. We believe that an effective and sustainable wellness journey is first and foremost rooted in values.




    Wellness is a revolutionary act. Being a deliberate and motivating force in our own wellness journeys allows each of us to lead our own revolution.



    Wellness is not one-size-fits-all, and everyone comes from their own unique intersectional spaces, so we engage in this work with an intersectional lens to find the best approaches for everyone.



    We believe that we are each able to build and maintain the approaches, skills, and systems we need to restore ourselves.

    What is BWell365 Wellness?

    We’re stepping beyond the prescriptive aspects of wellness and into a space of self-discovery. The key to wellness is an approach grounded in an intersectional, whole-being experience. Through Rikimah’s background in movement work, she has created a wellness approach that considers the intersections of our lives and built BWell365 to reflect our unique experiences. The BWell365 approach to wellness means creating a pathway through your unique experiences to understand and reclaim your balance in life.

    Rikimah uses the 8 pillars of wellness to address the multitudes of pieces that contribute to your holistic wellness, and how we understand balance among all 8 pillars.

















    Depending on the time, place, and circumstance, you can decide to invest more in any of the 8 pillars. This is what we call your balance point – this balance point changes yearly, monthly, or even weekly! Have a big goal at work? You might ditch the gym for a week to really focus on it. Saving up to buy a house? You might need to scale back some other areas to save. Building a life of wellness takes daily attention. We are here to help you find your balance point.

    To learn more, and get started on your own wellness journey, check out Rikimah’s book, Total Wellness


    Total Wellness

    Total Wellness: A Millennial & Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life is a must-have for anyone interested in wellness – whether you are new to the scene or have been on your wellness journey for a while. Rikimah has distilled her approach to introduce balance into hectic, modern, lives.

    As seen on CBS, NBC News and Fox
    Amazon Best Selling Book 'Total Wellness' by Rikimah Glymph
    Rikimah Glymph

    About Our Founder

    Rikimah Glymph

    Our holistic approach is informed by Rikimah’s background in the movement – working alongside values-aligned progressive frontline and grassroots folks. BWell365 recognizes individuals as complex beings with varied, nuanced experiences. At BWell365, we understand the connection between all these aspects of our lives – how our values and passion fuel our personal, professional, social, and creative selves – and how that wholeness needs to be at the center of bringing balance to all the parts of ourselves.

    Rikimah created a wellness journey for herself and her family that has led them to live happier and healthier lives. This approach is rooted in joy, travel, reflection, and hard work. BWell365 is built from that joyful work, sharing what she’s learned along the way with people who are also invested in taking care of themselves.

    Wellness Boxes

    Wellness doesn’t happen overnight – this is a journey, and want to help you find your own tools. The products in this wellness box are tried and tested. We stand behind these products, I use them, my son uses them. We source all of these products from people who are making these tools to create change in the world. You’re going to find your own tools, but in the meantime I’m sharing my tools with you.

    BWell Mind
    Wellness Box

    Our BWell Mind box is designed to help you relax and unwind, so you can center yourself. In order for your mind to be healthy, you need to rest. When we calm all of those racing thoughts and give our minds a break from the constant stimuli of the world around us, we prioritize inner peace and mental wellness.



    BWell Body
    Wellness Box

    There are so many ways to show your body some love. We are often told that eating a salad is how we take care of our physical health, but healthy eating is only one aspect of physical health. Our BWell Body box includes tools to show love to your body.



    BWell Spirit
    Wellness Box

    Our BWell Spirit box is created to help you reflect on the energies around you. Whether that be in your space, your community, or within you- it is important to be mindful of these energies and put as much positivity and gratitude out into the world.



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