BWell365 is a space for holistic and intersectional wellness, where we support each individual's unique wellness journey.

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    184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007

    Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00 Sunday CLOSED

    Rikimah works one-on-one with you to help you create your own wellness journey.

    Rikimah guides you to take control of your wellness journey and achieve lasting results. She is here for you as a mentor and coach to help you live well and with joyous intention.

    Her service provides you with the care and attention you need to explore your own wellness through:


    Empowering you to create your own path of growth


    Accountability and coaching on your overall wellness and pain points


    Community so that you can feel confident in your own journey


    Participation in a brand new, one-of-a-kind wellness journey for growth, sustenance and empowerment!

    As BWell365’s wellness coach, she believes you are the foremost authority on your own wellness and you should be in control of your path. With Rikimah’s help, you will discover your own personal wellness practice and collaboratively work together to ensure that you are on a sustainable path to build continue building your wellness journey.


    "Rikimah was a great coach. She was very kind and supportive and helped me think about how to free myself up from things so that I could take care of myself. She gave me checkpoints to help keep me on track as well."

    Lacey Slay

    Deputy Director of Development

    "Rikimah is amazing. We had an hour-long one-on-one coaching session with her during this retreat, in addition to the daily sessions, and she helped me explore all these emotions that were coming up. Like, what are these emotions telling you? Let's use this to set some intentional goals. I came back, and I followed through on all of my goals—and Rikimah would check in on me and be like "Hey, where are you on this? How's this going?"

    Jasmine Nazarett

    Community Change

    Get in touch to learn more and start your wellness journey!

      Wellness Boxes

      Wellness doesn’t happen overnight – this is a journey, and want to help you find your own tools. The products in this wellness box are tried and tested. We stand behind these products, I use them, my son uses them. We source all of these products from people who are making these tools to create change in the world. You’re going to find your own tools, but in the meantime I’m sharing my tools with you.

      BWell Mind
      Wellness Box

      Our BWell Mind box is designed to help you relax and unwind, so you can center yourself. In order for your mind to be healthy, you need to rest. When we calm all of those racing thoughts and give our minds a break from the constant stimuli of the world around us, we prioritize inner peace and mental wellness.



      BWell Body
      Wellness Box

      There are so many ways to show your body some love. We are often told that eating a salad is how we take care of our physical health, but healthy eating is only one aspect of physical health. Our BWell Body box includes tools to show love to your body.



      BWell Spirit
      Wellness Box

      Our BWell Spirit box is created to help you reflect on the energies around you. Whether that be in your space, your community, or within you- it is important to be mindful of these energies and put as much positivity and gratitude out into the world.